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windows 10…the joke that keeps on giving!

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We all know all about Windows 10’s most controversial feature, and Microsoft MSFT has now confirmed it has struck again…

Microsoft’s latest cumulative update, KB4482887 (OS Build 17763.348), was supposed to bring many mainstream, quality of life improvements to Windows 10, including limited support on certain devices for the new retpoline patch that helps with Spectre mitigation performance. Instead, users are reporting performance issues with games and with mice. Microsoft has acknowledged this and is working on a solution.

The most recent Windows 10 cumulative update, version 1809 KB4482887, is reportedly tanking performance in certain titles and causing adverse mouse effects. So, if following the February update rollout, you’ve noticed your mouse or games are misbehaving, it’s likely nothing to do with your system but the operating system.

“After installing KB4482887, users may notice graphics and mouse performance degradation with desktop gaming when playing certain games (eg: Destiny 2),” explained Microsoft, with the company saying it is working on a fix.

Needless to say, users are furious. Woody Leonhard highlights two threads on Reddit in particular (1,2).

Leonhard himself, also warns: “Is the problem confined to games? Highly unlikely, in my experience. It’s just that gamers notice bugs sooner than most of us.”

Which brings us back to Windows 10’s worst feature, as Leonhard nicely summarises: “Moral of the story: Don’t go clicking Check for updates! That’s the only way you’re gonna get this “optional non-security” cumulative update.

I second this. Microsoft’s record with Windows 10 ‘seamless’ updates remains erratic at best. Even amongst its biggest defenders, Windows 10 has a “Software Quality Problem” and the last year alone has seen updates to the operating system cause serious problems in January, April, October, November and February 2019.

Yes, updates are essential to the long term security and stability of Windows 10. But Microsoft needs to make them a lot more reliable if it plans to continue the company’s controversial policy of forcing them down the throats of computers worldwide…


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