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Description : Windows 7 Themes, Styles, Skins, Visual Styles, Apple Mac Leopard

Title: Midnight For Windows 7

Author: MrGRiM01

Download: deviantART

Introducing Midnight For Windows 7 & x64

Trying out some new things with this and trying to take my styles go in a new direction, all credit for this style goes to me and there is nothing borrowed or similar to any other (the way it should be).

There will probably be a few small updates and variations of this theme as everybody likes things like the start menu user pic and system tray clock.

Theme Includes:


Start Orb

Shell32 images for Control panel

Desktop Gadgets (Customized by Sergio Garcia of SG9 Designs)

VistaGlazz to patch your system files

FullGlass Mod for full transparency

Eurostyle font for System Tray Clock (Optional)

System Clock for x86 & x64

Black Media Player Skin

Full Glass Blue Icons not included [link]

To have your taskbar centered like in the image above.

All you need to do is unlock the taskbar and right click on it go to toolbars/add new, and them make a new folder somewhere and call it blank for example, then select that folder for your new toolbar.

You then need to right click on the new toolbar and select view text/title and deselect those 2 options now repeat all those steps(you can use the same blank folder again) and place the blank toolbars on either side of your main Taskbar group and slide the taskbar to a central position.

Once you have it where you want lock the taskbar again (note that it move a little when you lock the taskbar so some fine tuning may be needed), and now you have a centered Taskbar.

If you like you can also make the blank folder hidden to remove it from view.

Taskbar will not display middle bar if you have your options set to never combine.

Always combine, hide labels should be selected.

Also if you are using any extra Toolbars you need to make sure they are displaying small icons, but only if you have them all on a single row, if you have your taskbar expanded to 2 bars it will display normally again.

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