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Longhorn Evolution 2.0 Windows 7 Themes

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Description : Windows 7 Themes, Styles, Skins, Visual Styles, Apple Mac Leopard

Title: Longhorn Evolution 2.0

Author: sunBeam2000

Download: deviantart

Are You using Evolution?

Then this one may please you!

First it was just another substyle, but finally i decided to release it separately, because there are so much changes, which give the theme a new appearance:

-new Aeroborders with softer Shadow

-new Adressbar and Searchbar

-new (highlighted) Pushbuttons and ComboBox

-new ListItems (which i like the most)

-new Progressbars

Please note before applying:

This Visual-Style is designed to work properly only with

Artur89SD’s Shell32-mod “PreviewPane above Folderband”

Download 32Bit [link]

Download 64Bit [link]

Again with DLL-mods for ControlPanel-dll’s in the download file

The Games Folder (works without further modification, just replace Gameux.dll from link above for TopShell-Layout)

and – ONLY FOR EXPERIENCED USERS – the PreviewPanes in Control-Panel Folders

-Appwiz (installed Programs)

-Device Center


for activating them, replace the txt-files in Artur89SD’s Files with the new ones, which are in the download-file.

Use at your own risk!!

The DLL-Files will still work later on with any other theme, and theme works without modified dll’s, just the Shellpane-variation is lower

At last you’ll get 7 different Panes (with not shown Save-Dialog Pane), but still slim File-Size of the Theme!!

Explorerframe for Browsebuttons included.

(Firedance Evolution Users don’t need to change)

Startbutton from Panda-X is not included.

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