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Windows 7 Themes


Description : Windows 7 Themes, Styles, Skins, Visual Styles, Apple Mac Leopard

Title: Adiemus project
Author: yacine29
Download: deviantART

Hi everyone !

Adiemus project is a very clean for ,i will not write a lot things like the other members of this website used to do,all the instruction you need are in the downloaded file


-what is a FASQ?:
——-> Frequently Asked Stupid Questions

-why it’s called Adiemus project?
——->because it must have a name.

-the didn’t work:
——->3 possibilities:
-cuz you don’t have windows 7
-cuz you didn’t install uxstyle core
-cuz you are stupid

-would it work on my crappy windows XP?

-where is the start button?
——->hidden ,you aren’t obliged to use it

-I’ve already seen this back /forward buttons somewhere but i don’t remember where
——-> credits goes to ~sweatyfish ” note :it’s for x32 only”

-which browser are you using ?

creating this vs was a fucking hard work,so i will appreciate if someone suggest it as a DD

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