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Snoheso7 final Windows 7 Themes

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Windows 7 Themes


Description : Windows 7 Themes, Styles, Skins, Visual Styles, Apple Mac Leopard

Title: Snoheso7 final
Author: dmone
Download: deviantART

Copy the Snohseo.theme and Snohseo folder in your x:WindowsResourcesThemes folder.

For the StartButton you have to replace Explorer.exe in your Windows directory.

For the navigation buttons you have to replace the explorerframe.dll in you Windowssystem32 directory

I used the universal shellstyle from Satukoro [link] big thanks for that!

special thanks to aaron for his help!!!

added explorerframe for 64-bit
added explorer exe 64-bit for top taskbar

thanks to aptitudescience and Enzoisamazing that mad the 64-bit files

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